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Wholesome Eating

If you work within the Gulshan Avenue precinct or nearby, and are looking for a place to eat great tasting healthy food for lunch, this is the place to be. Open to members and guests alike, our eatery serves fresh salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and more. Hop on over and be part of our wholesome work life eating plan.


If you're a member you can also use this space as an extension of your workspace to meet with your team, or greet clients, and make use of our whiteboards, plug points, and of course your first tea or coffee of the day is always on the house!

Eats Member
Wholesome  Meal Plan 
Wholesome  Meal Plan 
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Lunch Box Plan

Eats Plans


Eats Member Plan

(Coming Soon!)

8 work days/month

2 days/week

Starting From:

BDT 4,600/mo

With this plan you get access to our eatery every 2 work days a week for an entire month. You also get free Wifi, 1 free tea or coffee, and one Wholesome Meal Box from our salad bar, each day you work. 

It's a great way to get work done, meet clients, eat healthy, and be a part of the AKOTA community. 


Wholesome Meal Plan

(Coming Soon!)

8, 16, 20 work days/month

2, 4, 5 days/week

Starting From:

BDT 4,800/mo

This plan covers your lunch on a day-to-day basis for an entire month. You choose a combination of three set meals from which we plan everything you want to eat for lunch for the entire month. Every work day you receive a Wholesome Meal Box delivered to you where you work so that you don't have to eat out or make your own lunch everyday. All you have to do is enjoy your meal knowing that it helps you stay healthy, more energised and focused at work. 


Super Smoothie Plan

(Coming Soon!)

8, 16, 20 work days/month

2, 4, 5 days/week

Starting From:

BDT 3,200

If you're super busy and don't have enough time for breakfast , a super smoothie can help you go a long way. Packed with protein, healthy fats, and super foods, a drink a day helps you keep up with your nutritional needs when you're on the go. 

With this plan you get a smoothie delivered to you at work everyday for one month. 


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